New Westpac iPad app


Launch of new iPad banking app - resulting in monthly NPS increase from -8 to 50, app store rating increase from 2.5 to 4.5 stars, 542% increase in weekly product sales and additional $22k p/day for new pre-approved credit cards feature.



The aim of the new iPad banking app was a visual design improvement and consistency with other Westpac app channels as well as aligning to the GUI framework and Westpac digital brand. Also sought to enhance the iPad app’s offerings for customers (i.e. new self service features), improve sales and overall customer experience (i.e. usability and functional improvements on current app). 


Sales pathways

Better usability and a customer centric led approach for the iPad sales pathways resulted in a 542% increase in weekly product sales and additional $22k p/day for new pre-approved credit cards feature.


Design principles

The design principles derived from research and testing various ideas with customers (generated through a discovery phase), were as follows: 

Efficiency - simple path to complete: The right components in place to provide customers with enough information, confidence, and ease to move through main functions successfully (i.e. payments process from end-to-end)

Discoverability - surface paths to key tasks: Present appropriate cues to aid discoverability of key functions. Surface key functions customers need in context of where they expect to find them.

Delight - delightful presentation and interactions: Focus on a better customer experience and offer delightful alternative ways to interact (i.e. native gestures - drag / drop payments)


Design process

The process taken was a test, learn, iterate and improve approach to the iPad redesign project:

Rapid prototyping - Quick usability tests with staff, and customers (in branch) have been used throughout to help validate design decisions and quickly iterate on that basis. 

Formal user testing via an outside channel - We used U1 to independently validate the early design direction followed by a more refined usability test with a working prototype for more detailed feedback.