Kindo - culture of giving

I'm a part founder of Kindo - an exciting new cloud based platform designed to create a private social giving community inside companies. It's purpose is to facilitate a culture of giving and it can powerfully transform the way employees connect and collaborate with each other.

The workplace needs to be more fulfilling, purposeful and ultimately more human

When you see your work as exchanging hours for dollars, it’s easy to slip into a mindset of doing a task just well enough to get by. Sadly that is the day-to-day experience for too many people. So many of us have become disconnected from ourselves, our colleagues and our customers. Where relationships do exist they are typically limited only to the professional interactions required to perform the specific tasks or activities our jobs require. We may be colleagues but we're not truly connecting as people.

Unfortunately too many employees are turning up for work only because they get paid to do so, and they turn up as incomplete or part people. They feel valued only because of their professional capability rather than who they really are as whole, complete human beings with unique gifts, talents and interests. Consequently these gifts remain locked away, only to flourish outside the workplace.