Commonwealth Bank sales & service tool

Design challenge

To create a single view from hundreds of reports on sales and service performance used across the bank from tellers to regional managers. CBA needed to tackle the inconsistency in metrics and gain a more accurate measure on sales and service performance.



We needed to very quickly understand internal sales reporting for a very large variety of staff at all levels. We took a qualitative ethnographic research approach to help us, while also analysing customised spreadsheets and bespoke systems used by thousands of staff. The aim was to grasp what day-to-day stats they needed and in what ways each level of staff would want to deep-dive into the data for tracking and forecasting multiple sales and service performance indicators. Also embedded in the research was planning a strategy to move toward the new CBA report measures based on providing a better customer experience.



To understand retail banking and existing reporting metrics / analytic tools. Facilitated contextual inquiries and co-design workshops across the country with the frontline management and staff (i.e. Branch Managers and Tellers, Operations staff, Home Finance Managers, Regional & Area Managers etc.).


Consolidated and created conceptual models to define the aim and directions of the research.


Ongoing ideation sessions with the business.

Prototype, test & iterate

Test and learning - with low to mid to high-fidelity interactive prototypes with user testing throughout to validate design decisions made.

Concept design

Interface and interaction requirements. Created a series of interactive prototype collaborating with a development team.

Detail design

Designed a visual language, style guide and interaction requirements to support the aim of the project


Developed a experience playbook as a high-level guide towards a minimum viable product and future-state experience.

Due to current development and client confidentiality, I'm able to share only these conceptual images.