The Hub was redesigned from the ground up, bringing together our intranet, social network and collaboration sites into single place for AMP 7000+ staff.

Feature: Home

The new Hub homepage gives you access to everything you need to work at AMP. Whether it’s a document you’ve been working on, a post you want to make on your activity feed or apply for some holiday leave, the navigation toolbar makes it easy to get to where you need to be. Each section of the Hub has its own easily identifiable icon which groups many of the commonly used functions together

Feature: Profile

All employees are now in our brand new employee directory. The content rich profile allows you to not only locate people you need to find by name, but also find people you didn’t know by searching for a job title, skill, expertise, business unit or responsibility. The search is always one step ahead of you and it even does some of the thinking for you. The search results will give you the contact details that you are looking for as well as lots of other information including the location of the person right down to where they sit.

Feature: Collaboration

Collaboration sites are now available to teams, projects and communities of practice. A Collaboration site is like a website for your business unit. It’s a place where you can host discussions with your team as well as store, manage, edit and share information and documents. A collaboration site makes it simple for people to share ideas and work together to deliver the AMP goals, creating and fostering an online team environment. You can also have a Collaboration site for a community of practice or for a project. Collaboration sites make it a lot easier to work together as a team, business unit and organisation.

AMP Capital

The Source was redesign and implementation of the new AMP Capital Intranet - the commercial investment arm of AMP.


Charts tracking AMP Captial's funds over time and performance.

Offices and collaboration spaces

Integrating AMP Capital's office spaces and co-working colloration spaces.

Fund pages

AMP Capital fund pages for general information packs and tracking of performance and comparision.